This Beautiful 84-Acre Property Can Become Your Permanent Vacation

Located near Independence, Virginia, this magnificent piece of land is uniquely situated on Buck Mountain. Buck Mountain is part of the Blue Ridge Mountain section of the Appalachian range, making it a perfect spot for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Buck Mountain is home to beautiful wildlife and lush vegetation. You’ll find deer, foxes, and birds enjoying the natural beauty of azaleas, ivy, wild ferns, and huckleberry. Buck Mountain is a treasured landmark that is just a short distance away from the New River and Pilot Mountain. This is positioned for the perfect vacation to include trips and over night adventures.

This chalet on over 84 acres of land supplies 360 degree views surrounding Buck Mountain. These breath-taking scenes are unlike any other. You are surrounded by natural beauty that welcomes friends and families or for quiet solitude to enjoy.

Make Your Home Your Own Private Getaway


Your entire experience at this chalet is truly incomparable. Miles and miles of breathtaking landscapes are waiting for you. The view from the road features rolling hills with alternating peaks and valleys. The rich vegetation spreads across the land, changing from season to season, but continuing to keep its charm of abundance year round.

The design of the chalet includes a distinct style that exploits the natural beauty of the home’s surroundings. There is ample window space that admits a great amount of natural light and adds to the peaceful energy of the home. The top of the mountain creates a stress free environment that is a true joy of both the property and the home. These priceless views are worth far more than the $l.9 million asking price.

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